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With several thousand years of history and practice, supported by current research which has already proved and validated much of this, Acupuncture holds its own today as an elegant and effective system of medicine.

Jess Birmingham practises Japanese acupuncture in Cornwall, as taught by her teachers, most particularly Kiiko-sensei and Koshiishi-sensei. This style of acupuncture has its roots in the Classics of ancient China, like the more familiar Chinese acupuncture, and has been developed by Japanese Masters. It is characterised by very light needle technique and extensive use of moxa, making it well suited to western sensitivities.

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The nature of 'diagnosis' in traditional Oriental medicine is quite different from that of modern medicine; it is fundamentally about choosing treatment to 'regulate our Qi', our vital energy, which should be free flowing in order to be healthy. Traditional Oriental medicine seeks to balance this energy where it has been disrupted. The best known method for this is acupuncture, which uses ultra fine, sterile needles inserted into specific points around the body. In a treatment , you will also have moxa, a warming aromatic herb used topically to warm particular points and spread the Qi.

Many people come to acupuncture for help with a specific symptom or condition. The effect of traditional acupuncture is to stimulate your own healing response and many people find that they also feel better in a more general way, feeling relaxed and revitalised. Your first appointment takes about an hour and involves a detailed assessment of your health and usually a simple treatment, along with simple dietary and lifestyle advice. Please come about 1/4 hr early to fill in a confidential health questionnaire.  Subsequent treatments will also last an hour with a full treatment. Usually you will come weekly to begin with.

As you feel better you will come less frequently. How often you will need to come depends on various factors including your constitutional health, how long you have had the condition and it's severity. It is hard to predict with certainty the outcome of treatment, but you will be given an idea of what to expect at your first visit. People often find that they enjoy the benefits of acupuncture so much they choose to come for seasonal top up treatments to maintain their health and sense of well being.

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