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Shonishin is a gentle, effective alternative to acupuncture for small children which doesn't penetrate the skin at all. It involves a variety of specialised silver, copper and gold instruments with rounded ends that are rubbed and pressed rather than inserted.

These treatment techniques are used for a wide variety of paediatric problems from birth to about seven years old. Shonishin (show-knee-shin) translates as "small children needle" and is a unique, specialised form of acupuncture developed in Japan. Moxa is often added when the condition of your child requires it.

As children, and their parents, aren't generally that keen on the idea of needles being inserted, these instruments have been developed over the last 200 years or so. They are based on the nine types of 'needles' described in the classics of Chinese medicine. Many of these so-called needles had rounded ends and flat edges which are variously brushed and pressed against the child's skin.

It takes advantage of the sensitivity of children to rebalance their energy which is readily accessible at this age. The treatment is quite simple and most children really enjoy it.

Jess regularly treats children with a very wide range of conditions. These include children with poor sleep, constipation and digestive problems and acute illnesses where appropriate. As with all treatments offered by the Children's Clinic for Cornwall, it is often felicitous for children with much more severe, chronic problems. Children  respond best to this treatment before puberty. After this stage, they are more appropriately treated with light adult style treatments. There is not a fixed change over age though, so please contact Jess in advance of treatment for advice regarding the appropriateness of Shonishin for your child's condition. 

Shonishin is one of the treatments offered by the The Children's Clinic for Cornwall charity and may be offered at subsidised rates for families with limited incomes. Young people up to the age of 18 may be able to benefit from this at the Lostwithiel Clinic. Again, you can speak in confidence to Jess for details.

To download the clinic Shonishin leaflet as a PDF please click here